Solar System Powerpoint Project


NASA Solar System Exploration Page- click on your topic

Scroll down to content and click on your topic

Welcome to the Planets-click on your topic

Work together to create a power point that fully defines and describes your part of the Solar System. Give statistics such as :

Diameter                   Period of Rotation          Period of Revolution

Number of Moons         Composition of Atmosphere and Surface Temperature

Distance from Sun        NASA Missions                  Unique Characteristics


Powerpoint Requirements:

  1. Groups of 2- 7 slides, groups of 3- 10 slides
  2. 1st slide- Topic and names- you can include the symbol for your planet or a picture of the god/goddess/thing it is named for
  3. Other slides : Statistics ( see above)

                         N.A.S.A. Missions


                         Unique Features


4. It is better to have large, easy to read text and pictures on separate pages rather than to put them on the same page- play around with the format.

5. Practice your PowerPoint before presenting it- plan what you are going to say.


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